Yellow Gold Leaf Bangle - Set of 3

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✨ $34 FOR A SET OF 3 BRACELETS🌟 (codeword: LUCKY)

These unique bracelets are good luck charms from the temples of Thailand.

They are made of clear plastic tubes with pure 24k gold leaf lining the inside of the tubes for safe keeping (the same as used to cover the temples and Buddha statues of that region) Believed by the Thai culture to bring luck, wealth , health, love and happiness.

Fabulous dressed up or down. flexible, light weight, waterproof , soundproof, TSA safe.

Sourced from a family of temple market sellers. I love supporting them, very kind people.

Enjoy!!! Lucky for you!!!

NOTE.... When these bracelets are made in the factory there is gold dust everywhere, it is normal for there to be some gold dust residue on your hands first day of wear! if you do not like it you can simply wash with soap and water:)))
or consider it part of the lucky blessing...............