Marbles Buff

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***Limited Edition collaboration***

Inspired by the patterns of root systems, clouds, coral reefs and DNA, Marbles is a more than just some mirror of these. They are the known attributes of a pioneered exploration, straddling grunge art and  surreal expressionism. It is a swim in the divining pool, a type of calling into eternity. Until now every single Marble has been an original, it's own monument to and from itself, but here, birthed by Jypsea, Marbles goes digital. 
Long awaited, the inevitable takes shape as Marbles enters the halls of cyber punk. The creative pathways have just quantified in mass so insane the outcome is quite unknowable. Here we go. You are part of it now.

Protect your face from the harmful rays and match your suit while doing so! These custom made buffs are locally made in South Florida.

Each print is original artwork.

Guys-match your chick! 

-Use as a headband as well-