The Last Swimsuit You’ll Ever Need!

At Jypsea Local we’re OBSESSED with creating a custom experience for everyone that shops with us. That’s why we handcrafted the stunning Shelly one-piece -- one-size, adjustable, customizable swimwear so versatile you can style it to suit your every need! Let’s take a look…

The bottom of the Shelly wraps around your curves and ties at the wait providing a custom fit. The top can be worn as a halter around the neck. If you’re feeling more conservative you can spread the fabric wide to cover your torso while maintaining modest booty coverage and still leaving your back and shoulders free of tan lines. If you’re looking to show some more skin, twist the top pieces to make your suit more skimpy. Then hike up the bottoms to show some booty. Finish by tying a bit tighter at the waist for a slimmer fit! 

All of our swimwear at Jypsea Local is made of double and triple layered lycra for the highest quality durability and no see-through peekaboos! You can even wear the Shelly as a sexy backless bodysuit under some jeans when you hit the town. One thing’s certain -- no matter how you style your Shelly -- you’ll have the time of your life in this 80s inspired, adaptable wardrobe staple!

How do you style your Shelly one-piece? Let us know in the comments and tag us in your pics on social media!